18 women bag awards in film as WIFFEN marks International Women’s Day


To commemorate the 2022 International Women’s Day, the Girls Voices Initiative’s Girl Nation Academy, in partnership with the French Embassy’s PISCCA Program, has held the Women’s International Film Festival Nigeria (WIFFEN 2022) to honour deserving women in the film industry globally.

The award ceremony which was held at the International Conference Centre in Abuja had in attendance ambassadors from all the various countries present in Nigeria, including the French Ambassador represented by Rafael Pont.

The festival director, Carolyn Seaman, said the premier WIFFEN, was in commemoration of the 2022 International Women’s Day with the theme ‘BreakTheBias, Imagine a gender-equal world’.

Seaman explained that WIFFEN marked its festival in commemoration of the IWD 2022 to encourage female filmmakers across the country to be at their best in their crafts.

She said, “For us, this is a journey that started in 2019 with the French Embassy in Nigeria, we’ve been training young talent and female filmmakers.

”For the Women’s International Film Festival Nigeria, we put out a call and we received over 3,000 film submissions from over 130 countries around the world.”



Also speaking at the event, a veteran actor, Tony Goodman said it was sickening to hear people discourage their female children from getting into mainstream entertainment.

He explained that people eventually become products of whatever was deposited in them by their parents, family and environment in their formative years.

Goodman said rather than prevent young people from exploring their talents and crafts, the watchword should be proper discipline for their young minds.

“There is nothing that people fear about the movie industry that does not exist anywhere. Talking about sexual harassment, it is everywhere even in the church.

“But if you have the right orientation, upbringing, words from the beginning sinking into you, you will grow up each time remembering those words that are on marble knowing that ‘I must not disappoint my father, mother, states, nation.”

“When you have that behind your mind, you are not tossed left-right and centres with all manner of issues that may confront you. Everybody faces challenges but how you deal with them remain indelible.”

Describing the involvement of women in the entertainment industry as a welcome development, Goodman admitted that it is heartwarming to see women and girls think beyond just having children at home, being in the other room and even the kitchen.

The awards ceremony which opened with a red-carpet event by
recognised outstanding filmmakers in 16 award categories including ‘Best Picture, ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Short’, ‘Best Animation Short’, ‘Best Student Film’, ‘Best Child Actress’ and others.

Awardees at the Women’s International Film Festival Nigeria WIFFEN 2022 include,
1. Best Short – 3:24PM – Margaux Fazio – Switzerland
2. Best Picture – Carol of the Bells – Olesya Morgunets-Isaenko – Ukraine
3. Best Documentary Feature – Daughters of Eve – Zanah Thirus – USA
4. Best Documentary Short – The Story of All of Us Women – Itxaso Diaz – Spain
5. Best Student Film – La Foto Perfetta – Eleonora Mozzi – Italy with an additional €1000 award presented by the French Embassy
6. Best Director – The Letter Room – Elvira Lind – USA
7. Best Actress – Freedom Come -Maggie Osuome – Nigeria
8. Best Animation Short Film – I AM – Shafigheh Asani – Iran
9. Best Original Score – Last Days of Summer – Zaneta Rydzewska -Poland
10. Best Lighting – Brave Little Army – Carine Zahner – Canada
11. Best Costume – Dolapo is Fine – Martelle Hunt – United Kingdom
12. Best Production Design – The Call of Water – Siena Tone – USA
13. Best Child Actress – Phoenix – Kenza Ben Dhiab – Tunisia
14. Best Editing – Plastic Dream – Hande Yildirimer – Turkey
15. Best Cinematographer – Dana – Claudia Rodriguez – Spain
16. Best Sound Design – Arising – Jessica Gallant – USA
17. Outstanding Juror Award – Helene Pont – France
18. Inspiring Filmmaker Award – Last Meal – Carolina Castilho – USA


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