Climate Change: German chancellor urge China to take up more responsibilities

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gestures at a news conference with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg (not pictured) in the German Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, June 15, 2018. REUTERS/Michele Tantussi - RC1E3F6C9DF0

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor has called climate protection a global problem and urged the Asian power to take up more responsibility for challenges facing the international community.

Speaking to Chinese students at Huazhong University in the city of Wuhan, Merkel emphasised that climate change is caused by all, and that is why everyone should take care of it.

“Climate protection is everyone’s responsibility,’’ she added.

Given the size and economic power of China, the international community needs an important contribution from it, Merkel asserted.

She questioned whether China remains a developing country, given the pace of its modernisation, and said it will be expected to take on greater international responsibilities in the coming years.

In the face of globalisation, Merkel stressed that joint rules are indispensable, multilateral action, not protectionism, for example in trade, was needed.

“After all, protectionism harms us all,’’ the German chancellor said.

Merkel also emphasised China’s role as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, telling the students that this means China has a responsibility to work towards a peaceful solution of global flashpoints, including the Iran nuclear conflict and China’s own territorial dispute with neighbours over the South China Sea.




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