Group task ICC to investigate Amnesty International over reports on Nigerian troops


The Conference of Nigerian Civil Societies for Peace, Human Rights and National Unity has called on the International Criminal Court to investigate allegations against Nigerian troops by Amnesty International.

The rights group says a recent report by Amnesty International alleging rights violation and atrocities by troops in the North East, appears to show sympathy for terrorists.

The group, however, tasked the Nigerian military authorities and front line troops to continue their war against terrorism and not be swayed by distractions from any quarters.

A statement by the Coalition’s National Coordinator, Prof. Wole Ajayi and National Secretary, Barr. Festus Nwankwo Sunday, described the AI’s latest report as “another blatant, callous, mischievous, and  premeditated falsehood.”

The group alleged that the reports by the international rights organisation against the Nigerian military have forced it to suspect they are collaborators with the terrorists.

“Our attention has been drawn to yet another blatant, callous, mischievous, and premeditated falsehood against the Nigerian military by suspected Boko Haram collaborators and financiers, the Amnesty International local branch in Nigeria.

“In its 2020 report which it tagged “My Heart Is In Pain: Older People’s Experience of Conflict, Displacement, and Detention in North-East Nigeria, the group had accused Nigerian military of committing human rights violations as well as high-level atrocities in its battle against terrorists in the North East.

So far, the Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on Friday 12 December 2020, alleged that she has found a reasonable basis to believe that “members of the Nigerian Security Forces (“NSF”)” have committed acts constituting crimes against humanity and war crimes.

But the Nigerian based civil society organisation said the report of the Amnesty International resulting in ICC’s pronouncement was a “deliberate falsehood aimed at demoralizing the frontline troops so that their ally the Boko Haram would eventually win their war against the Nigerian state.”

According to the civil society organisation, “It is in the character of Amnesty International local branch to publish deliberate falsehood against our military and Nigerian state yearly just to justify their grants and financial support from Boko Haram and its sponsors around the world.”

“Nigerian troops remain one of the most professional troops in the world who have been tested and trusted by several international countries through peacekeeping missions and foreign collaborations”.

The group claimed that the report showed it was a hasty job done to criminalize the troops fighting Boko Haram which Amnesty International is allegedly working for, hence the concocted lies to weaken our soldiers.

“As civil society organizations in Nigeria, we reject the report in its entirety. We wish to further remind the AI that we have one country and one national army, hence we will not allow any group of people working for their selfish and financial interest undermine our troops and national security. It is unacceptable and we will not take it,” it said.

“Our hospitality has been abused and there is a need for urgent action before we lose our country. Consequently, we wish to give Amnesty International 7 days to vacate Nigeria shore, failure to do so will attract severe consequences,” it said.


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