I will not release names of debtors for now- Escape night club owner, Richard Nnamdi


Following several threats on social media to release names of his debtors, Lagos Night club boss, Richard Nnadi says most of the debtors are beginning to pay up, while others are now making payment plans.

”debts are being paid and others have been calling to make payment plans”.

The Escape night club owner who called out his debtors including actress Tonto Dike, had alleged that celebrities and artist who are in debt at his night club had refused to pay and would not even take his calls.

He said their debts which ran into millions of Naira had led to the bankruptcy and close down of his business and as such he would not feel any remorse in releasing their names to the public.

He further said ‘Hopefully We Won’t Need To Drop Names Tomorrow Cos I Would Hate To Destroy Peoples Lives The Way They Feel They Have Slowed Down Mine! Here Is A Sneak Preview Of A Fraction Of The List From Dec 2015 To Aug 2017 For Those In Doubt!’.


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