“My Erica fans roommates refuse to talk to me because I support Nengi” – Lady cries out


A Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to cry for help after her roommates who are staunch fans of BBNaija housemate, Erica have refused to talk to her because she supports Nengi.

According to the lady with Twitter username @Stormeerr, living in the hostel with her other roommates who are Erica’s fans has been unbearable, as they are keen on making the hostel a living hell for her.

The lady has now taken to micro-blogging platform, Twitter, to seek advice from her fellow Nengi supporters popularly known as Ninjas.

She wrote,

“Never thought I’ll post this but Ninjas your advice is needed I’m back in school and turns out my roomies are Exploras and Elites. We hadn’t built a solid relationship before the lockdown cause we had just stayed together a month before the holiday but we vibed really well.

“It’s a school hostel and y’all know, in school hostels, you get new roomies every session. So in my room, we’re 4, 2 elites and 1 explora and I’m the the ninja TBH, it might seem like it’s just BBN stanship but this girls attitudes towards me has changed since we resumed, I know we weren’t so close but now they’re cold towards me.

“I talked to them about it and one of them told me straight up that she can’t vibe with a Ninja, to say I was shocked is an understatement. I mean we live in the same room, I’ve even avoided talking about Nengi just so we can vibe but nah, they’re just so cold. Like I really dunno how to cope with them for a whole session, it’s school hostel so I can’t even change roomies. It’s really difficult being in a room with 3 people you can’t vibe with I remember when an elite refused to buy my braided wig.

“Cause I’m a ninja. I thought this was just stanship but a lotta people are really taking it far. Pls advice me how to cope with this girls without having to fight with them. Cause one of them has been doing stuffs to provoke me.”



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