Nigeria, China Move to Tackle Illegal Wildlife Trade


In 1974, Nigeria joined other 182 nations to ratify the International Convention on CITIES; the action was to contribute to world efforts to safeguard surviving endangered Species of the worlds’ wild life.

To give domestic credence to that treaty, the federal government enacted the Endangered Species Decree No. 11 in 1985, which has now been signed into law as the Endangered Species Act of 2016.

In an effort to safeguard Nigeria’s surviving endangered species of wild Fauna and Flora, government through its agencies established National Parks across the country to serve as natural habitats for its dwindling array of wildlife.

But despite this move decades ago, the country’s wild life have remained under threat as a result of illegal international trade by smugglers and traffickers.

Now in effort to tackle this illegal wildlife trade and fulfil its obligation to the Convention on CITIES, the Nigerian government is making moves to collaborate with the Chinese government.

Both countries are now moving to strengthen bilateral ties in the area of wild life protection and preservation

To emphasise its role as a focal point on the implementation of CITIES in Nigeria, the federal ministry of environment has opened its doors for collaborations and training opportunities in wild life preservation.

Speaking recently, the Minister of Environment, Dr. Mahmood Abubakar, assured the Chinese government that the ministry will continue enforce compliance measures and implement rules to strengthen wild life protection.

The Minister of State for environment, Sharon Ikeazor has also acknowledged the Chinese National Forestry and Grassland Administration (NAFGA) for supporting Nigeria’s manpower development in compliance and implementation of wildlife management and CITES policy.

Meanwhile, the Chinese team leader and Vice Administrator, Li Shumings says his country’s partnership with Nigeria is significant and will further seal bilateral efforts in wildlife conservation.

Considering that endangered species are gradually going into extinction both in Nigeria and China, the expectation is that the collaboration between both countries will help put an end to the transatlantic illegal wild life trade




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