Nigeria to be declared Polio Free in August 2020


The proposed certification of Nigeria as a polio-free country in August 2020 may soon become a reality.

This is as indicated by the African Regional Commission for Certification on Polio Eradication, ARCC, an organ of the World Health Organisation, WHO.

The Chairman of the commission, Professor Rose Leke, disclosed this during a meeting with the Executive Director, National Primary Health Care Development Agency, NPHCDA and partners.

Prof. Leke said Nigeria’s performance in polio eradication has been quite impressive and the results encouraging.

She explained that the commission had reviewed documentation submitted by the National Primary Healthcare Development Agency on Nigeria’s progress so far and found that it tallies with the reality on ground.

“We went with you and saw the happenings in the fields all these years,” she said,

“The ARCC has listened to your documentation, presentation and exhaustive responses to all those questions that were put… and we really want to congratulate and tell you that the documentation was accepted.”

The ARCC further commended Nigeria for beating polio despite years of with the Wild Polio Virus.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director, NPHCDA, Dr. Faisal Shuaib, who led the team, said it was gratifying to have ARCC accept Nigeria’s polio eradication documentation.

According to Dr. Shuaib, the acceptance now paves the way for Nigeria’s polio-free status to officially be declared in July during a meeting of Ministers of Health in Africa.

Dr.Shuaib commended traditional and religious leaders, partners, past presidents, ministers, ED/CEOs of NPHCDA/NPI, leaders in the public health space, the media, polio victims, parents and others for being the driving force and motivation behind the efforts of the frontline workers.



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