NMA protests arrival of Chinese medical personnel


The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has maintained its earlier stance on the rejection of visiting Chinese “Medical Experts” even as the Federal Government (FG) rebuffed all entreaties by Nigerians to welcome the foreign doctors.

The president of the association, Dr. Francis Faduyile in a statement said the association clarified its informed resistance to the visit by the medical team from China.

He said that the association was not against the receipt of donor support and equipment but rather they are against pulling the wool over their eyes going by the recent statement issued by the Managing Director of the Chinese donor firm operating in Nigeria that the medical personnel will be treating Chinese workers in their facilities.

We are taken aback at this statement as this is at variance with the information supplied by the Honourable Minister of Health.

‘‘We wish also to ask, when did medical expatriates start coming to Sovereign States to treat her nationals?

‘‘What happens to the Nigerians working in those facilities?

We are aware that the Chinese team will provide “CCECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare assistance”, as stated by the Managing Director of CCECC.

However, it does not seem likely that the team will not have contact with Nigerian patients as the Presidential Task Force (PTF) would want to have us believe. CCECC has Nigerian workers among her employees.” Faduyile said.

The president called on all healthcare professionals to be wary of uncertified Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from China.

“We demand a thorough screening of the medical team of experts by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) and other relevant regulatory bodies to verify their status, as we call on the Federal Government to publish the names, designations/status, and qualifications of the “Medical experts.”

He said that the NMA in recent times has been at the vanguard calling on the government to revive the health sector and trigger brain gain.

The government continues to “shift the post” in explanation regarding this Chinese invitation.

First, it was that these were mere donations, then to experts helping set up test laboratories and now to the experts treating patients.

No country allows foreigners to jump on their patients and manage without regulation.

We are aware of the “Stride with Nigeria” mantra of the CCECC and their willingness to participate in the construction of two isolation centres in Abuja.”

NMA also respectfully request the Presidential Task Force to deal with the genuine concerns of its members including all the professional bodies that have spoken out against the curious decision to engage the Chinese at all cost, saying that a recipient of donations is still at liberty to pick and choose.

The association said that it will continue to monitor the uncomfortable relationship with the Chinese personnel.



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