Open Defecation Still Poses Threat to Eco-System, FG Laments


By Chika Onyesi

Perm Secretary, Min of Environment Addressing the press ahead of the World Toilet Day
 Federal Government has re-echoed the threat of open defecation to global eco-system, with an estimated 4.5billion people lacking toilet facilities globally.
The call came ahead of the commemoration of 2018 World Toilet Day, where 892 million people are said to be answering the call of nature indiscriminately.
According to the Minister of State for Environment, Usman Jibril access to sanitary facilities remains a mirage to a vast majority of citizenry hence attention needed to be focused on raising awareness and inspiring action to tackle global sanitation crisis.
Jibril maintained that a major consequence of poor excreta disposal is the high rate of diarrhoea disease which is the second cause of high rate of morbidity and mortality amongst children under the age of five.
‘‘The persistent re-occurrence of annual incidences of cholera outbreak in some of our states and the occurrence of other excreta related diseases are also manifestations of inadequate toilet facilities, yet this could also prevented through safe excreta disposal by every individual.’’
‘‘The Federal Government of Nigeria is committed to addressing the sanitation challenges including ending open defecation in the country and ensuring proper management of excreta.’’

The World Toilet Day is marked every 19th November as declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013. 

This years commemoration will focus on Toilet and nature, promoting access to toilets for everyone everywhere, ending open defecation and ensuring that toilet constructions and use are eco system friendly.


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