Open letter to Northern Nigeria on Southeast presidency by Igboayaka O Igboayaka

In the spirit of national patriotism, I greet my fellow Nigerians in the Northern part of the country.
I hope none of you has forgotten what Mallam Aminu Kano stands for in the political advancement of Nigeria? Yes, he was one of the politicians in the North that were misunderstood, but looking at history line today, he meant well for Nigeria.
But, before then, let me remind you of the political symbolism of this refined political gentleman from Northern Nigeria.
Mallam Aminu Kano is that highly respected modern politician in Northern Nigeria. He symbolized democratization, Socialization, Women’s Empowerment/ dignity and freedom of speech of the citizenry.
As the Biblical John The Baptist cried in the wilderness for the preparation of the coming of the Messianic reign of Jesus Christ, Aminu Kano was a Populist who cried out for a modern progressive Nigeria, and his contribution to Northern regions and Nigerians at large cannot be overemphasized.
The cry of “One Step Forward and Two Steps Backwards today evidently suits the definition of the progress of Nigeria as defined by Aminu Kano. It is a truism that “the Movement of Nigeria has over the years, been “One Step Forward and Two Steps Backward” as opined by Aminu Kano, but for me, it is a prophecy. It is a vision the great Aminu Kano saw but regrettably, it is a mission to certain individuals in the Northern.
The ”One Step Forward and Two Steps Backwards” Vision which Aminu Kano saw, and worked painstakingly to avert though certain individuals adopted it as a “Mission” and have worked inadvertently to fulfil it. It is time for sober reflection either to continue to drag Nigeria backwards or prepare to stop it from 2023.
“One Step Forward and Two Steps Backwards” is common and symbolic of political divisions and polarization to create a situation where a nation moves aggressively in one direction only to move more aggressively in the opposite direction when power remains with the same cliques. This is politically destructive and requires civility, pragmatism and democratic engagement to stop it. The unintended consequences of one step forward and two steps backwards created large issues and risks that such long term results of two steps backwards are progressively very negative
I, therefore, ask my fellow Nigerians in the Northern region  thus: “Is it not time that we liberalize leadership and governance in Nigeria?”
To support Southeast for President or Head of State of Nigeria since almost 57 years ago (1966-2023) is the road of thorns and fire to certain individuals in the North, but like Aminu Kano said “the road to freedom is full of thorns and fire, yet happy is he who follows it”. Those who saw and see Nigeria’s president of Southeast extraction 2023 as a road full of thorns and fire, I appeal to them with the spirit of Nationalism and Patriotism to dare to walk on it, and happy shall you be if you follow it.
I wish to appeal to all the royal Emirs, political elites, political stakeholders, technocrats, Muslim and Christan leaders and Party leaders of APC and PDP in the North that God has been very gracious to our country otherwise almost 53 years (1970-2023)of Injustice, Marginalization and Tribalism that have characterized our political space after the civil-war is more troublesome and worrisome yet there is a fragile peace and Unity, to compare with six months crisis of 1966 that plunged the country into Civil -war in 1967.
My great countrymen and women in Northern Nigeria, I foresee the 2023 Independent Day in Nigeria to be a “Unity Thanksgiving Day” for Nigerians with the Nigeria president of Southeast extraction, we shall March in Eagle Square with a dance of reconciliation and reintegration in order to shame those that have predicted another civil-war or secession in Nigeria.
I appreciate the Passion of Atiku Abubakar, Aminu Tambuwal, Mohammed Bala, Burkola Saraki, Yahaya Bello, Sen. Ahmad Lawan, Gov. Kwankwaso, and other Northern presidential aspirants to serve Nigeria, but it’s necessary to subdue your passion and apply nationalistic reason in your quest to govern Nigeria. It’s obvious that riding on a passion can lead to greed, but applying reason leads to moderation. Therefore,  indisputable is the fact that Northern Nigeria has attained their moderation of holding the presidency beyond 2023 in the spirit of rotational presidency.
We ought to learn a lesson from Aminu Kano who always looks at Nigeria’s future than his personal future, little wonder Aminu Kano, a Democratic Humanist who believes in the upliftment of humanity stated and I quote: “As I look into the future, towards my dream of a Nigeria of the future”. The North should look into the political and economic strength of other Zones to harness its potential for national political building.
The Northerners should see Nigeria’s president of Southeast Extraction 2023 as an implementation of Gen. Yakubu Gowon’s 3Rs policy. Yes, a pure reintegration policy of 18 years to 57 years old of the new generation of Southeast extraction who never witnessed the war, yet they have seen the scares of the war through Injustice and Marginalization that led them into opting for Secession
Over 80 million of Old Eastern Region born in 1966 which the Southeast constitutes the larger population don’t believe that they are part of Nigeria. This is evident in the emergence of pro-Biafrans groups such as MASSOB, IPOB, Eastern people’s Congress, Lower Niger Congress, Biafra National Council, Biafra National Guard, Biafra Youth League, Indigenous Biafra Warriors Worldwide, Movement of Biafra In Nigeria, Biafra Vampires, Biafra Shadow Government etc.
My great Northerners, in our quest for a unified Nigeria, the 2023 Southeast Presidential Project is very symbolic and strategic in the socio-political cum economic survival of Nigeria, it is the ripe time to tell this new generation of Southeast extraction that they are still part and parcel of the Nigerian nation. This you can prove by supporting a competent and credible aspirant from the South-east to succeed president Mohammadu Buhari.
With the proposition of Aminu Kano on “Movement of Nigeria” hence ”one step forward and two steps backwards” any tribal crisis in Nigeria will make Nigeria a mud sinking ground, while the application of fairness, justice and equity to the Southeast Zone presidential project will bring a new political order in Nigeria.
If Nigeria is a course, every part of the country was admitted at the same time in 1960, it was on the basis of this equal admission that made us Nigerians and the principle drive of this admission is fairness, justice and equity.
I grew up as a child over thirty years and songs of Unity and Peace keep re-occurring, in every political time and Season in Nigeria. What brought us together was unity and peace, but we have spent 63 years trying to convince one another about Nigeria’s Unity. It was the deprivation of fairness, justice and equity that made Nigeria a mere “poetic Country”, where we sing poems of Unity, instead of a productive, progressive country where fairness, justice and equity are our productive force.
We have toiled and moiled for 63 years and the only visible legacy is tribalism and corruption which regrettably promote ethnic and regional nationalism instead of National patriotism.
The movement of Nigeria hence “one step forward and two steps backwards” is the consequence of the lack of integration of Southeastern Nigeria into political participation, decision making and fair share in the Leadership of Nigeria.
Impressive to note that the Southeast presidential Aspirants, unlike before, have taken bold steps.  Just yesterday, May 6, 2022, a renowned technocrat and democratic and founding father of the All Progressive Congress (APC) Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu from Southeast extraction took a bold step and presented himself as a “Chief Servant”. This is one of those such servant-leaders from the Southeast that will keep lifting the legs of Nigeria forward ever and backwards never.
Let’s Support Nigeria’s president of Southeast extraction 2023 to stop this “One Step Forward and Two Steps Backwards movement of Nigeria.”


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