Poll results consistent with PVT, YIAGA AFRICA


YIAGA AFRICA, Watching the Vote, observer group has urged contestants who lost at the just concluded presidential and National Assembly elections to accept the result as it is consistent with the PVT estimates it deployed during the election.

The group which deployed the use of Parallel Vote Tabulation in its monitor of the polls said findings were same as statistical data obtained from field observers during the elections.

YIAGA had estimated through its research that the All Progressive Congress (APC) would receive between 50.0% and 55.8% of the vote; and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP)  between 41.2% and 47.0% of the vote.

The group had predicted based on its findings that there would be no runoff election and that none of the leading parties would score above 55%. It had also in its preliminary statement  decried the violence and killings that marred the process and prevented citizens to exercise their civic duty.

“The 23 February presidential election was characterized by similar shortcomings that marred previous national elections in Nigeria. As in past elections, logistical challenges faced by INEC that resulted in widespread late opening of polling units and malfeasance by political parties compromised the ability of citizens to vote and undermined public confidence in the process

“These issues do not necessarily undermine the overall credibility of the process, but Nigeria lost an opportunity to improve the quality of its elections as compared to the 2015 national elections. These were not the elections Nigerians expected neither is it the elections Nigerians deserved.”

According to YIAGA Chairman Dr. Hussaini Abdu  and its Executive Director Sampson Itodo, the field report from  1,491 sample polling units where it deployed observers,  reveal that result released by INEC is within the PVT estimates.

“This results statement is based on reports from 1,491 (98.4%) of sampled polling units. If the official results fall within YIAGA AFRICA’s estimated ranges, then the public, political parties and candidates should have confidence in the ballots cast at the polling units.


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