Universal Basic Education: Bobboyi seeks independence for SUBEBs


The Executive Secretary of Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC), Dr Hamid Bobboyi has advocated for the independence of the State Universal Basic Education Boards for effective implementation of UBE programmes in their respective states.

He observed that even though there was the need for the boards and state ministries of education to work in synergy, the boards could easily be held accountable and responsible for any breach of UBE implementation guidelines if they are independent

A statement issued by the Public Relations Unit of UBEC on Wednesday said Bobboyi made this remarks when he received a delegation of key stakeholders on basic education sub-sub-sector from Benue State led by the Commissioner of Education, Prof. Dennis A. Ityavyar on a courtesy visit to UBEC headquarters, Abuja.

Following the recent dissolution of the Benue State Universal Basic Education Board (Benue SUBEB) and the appointment of a new Executive Chairman for the Board, the Commissioner, the newly appointed Chairman, Mr. Joseph Utse, and the Board’s Director of Finance, Mr. Adams Mtsugh, were at UBEC to familiarize themselves with UBE operations especially the collaborative nature of UBE delivery in Nigeria.

UBEC Executive Secretary, management and member of the UBEC Governing Board, Barr. Chris Hassan were on hand to receive and interact with the visiting team.

Speaking on the need to ensure effective implementation of UBE guidelines and programmes by respective states of the federation, the UBEC boss said: “It is important for the SUBEB to be autonomous and exercise its mandates independently but maintaining a cordial relationship with the State Ministry of Education.

“This independence is important because if there is any breach of the UBE implementation guidelines in the State, it is the Chairman of the SUBEB and the SUBEB itself that will be held responsible and not the Hon. Commissioner or the State Ministry of Education,” he said.

While congratulating the new SUBEB Chairman on his appointment, the Executive Secretary, Dr. Hamid Bobboyi challenged him and other state actors particularly the Commissioner for Education to seize the moment and work towards repositioning Benue SUBEB for improved UBE delivery services.

The UBEC boss stressed the need for synergy between the SUBEB and the State Ministry of Education in order to ensure effectiveness in the implementation of the State’s strategic vision for basic education.

Dr. Bobboyi and other UBEC Management staff present at the meeting took time to acquaint the visiting team of the Federal Government’s complementary role in UBE delivery through supportive funding and other critical interventions.

While emphasizing the collaborative nature of basic education delivery among the three tiers of government in Nigeria, Dr. Bobboyi further pledged UBEC’s continued assistance to Benue SUBEB in the discharge of its functions.

Leader of the team, Prof. Ityavyar thanked UBEC for the warm reception and frank discussions and expressed the readiness of the Benue State Government to provide a conducive atmosphere for effective UBE delivery.


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