Young health advocate dies over alleged hospital negligence


25 years old Kafayat Abdulazeez is alleged to have lost her life as a result of carelessness by medical professionals at the Asokoro General Hospital, Abuja.

According to the co-founder, Al Imran Foundation, Yusuf Yusuf, Kafayat died out of negligence by the nurses on duty.

The deceased who was said to have walked into the hospital by herself on the 14th of February 2019, was admitted after being diagnosed of pneumonia.

She was said to have regained her strength after initial treatment but was unfortunately abandoned by the hospital after her condition deteriorated the very next day.

A close friend of kafayats family and her colleague, Mr. Yusuf allege that nurses on duty did not handover her drug prescription as issued by the doctors, until one day after, when her condition was too critical to manage.

He said that while she was in the emergency unit, the mobile oxygen billed to be administered on her was not provided while her condition was not given priority as an emergency.

‘‘We begged and cried but no empathy was shown, a patient in the hospital had to place a call to doctors and kept begging on her behalf just to be treated, but all efforts proved abortive’’ Yusuf says.

’’Kafayat would have been alive today if her treatment was taken seriously at Asokoro General Hospital, Abuja. She would have survived if those on duty treated her with a sense of urgency’’ he says

The deceased family insist their relative was denied her right to life, while her access to proper health care was also abused.
‘‘Denying people treatment is an abuse of their human rights, lack of value for the life of a patient is violation of the rights of the patient’’ says her family

‘‘She died due to the carelessness of our medical practitioners and our unhealthy health system. We cannot call it a medical mistake. It was clearly a case of lack of value for life by our medical practitioners’’ they said

Being a health advocate herself, the deceased was said to have passionately advocated for improved healthcare system through her work as a volunteer with several health NGOs including Project Pink Blue

While efforts to reach the Asokoro General hospital Authorities, is still on-going, the deceased family has vowed to pursue justice.

Recall that barely three weeks ago, another young life was lost at the National Hospital over alleged negligence.
That incident is still under investigation.

Kafayat’s case may be one death too many, especially with similar events recently recorded in hospitals in Abuja,
Many say the situation now calls attention to the need for improved healthcare delivery system.


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